Friday, September 26, 2008

Tucson Arizona Modeling Photography - JoAundra

After seeing the photos that I got with Briana on Tuesday, I thought it would be pretty tough to match or beat them on Wednesday. But after shooting with JoAundra for a couple of hours it was pretty clear that we had gotten another series of exceptional photographs.

JoAundra was excellent to work with, and again we were able to capture quite a wide variety of clothing and scenery around Tucson. We started at Rattlesnake Bridge, here are a couple from that location:

Tucson modeling photos at Rattlesnake Bridge

Some Red Sox gear:
Tucson Arizona HS senior portrait photos

Then we headed over to downtown Tucson and started at the Fox Theater:
Tucson modeling photos at Fox Theater

Then across the street for a reflection of the Fox Theater:
Tucson Arizona senior modeling photographer

And finally a pretty funny photo. JoAundra changed into a black and red outfit and right after that we came across some sort of costume shop. In the window was a mannequin in - you guessed it - black and red. There was also a poster hanging of the same costume. The colors matched almost too perfectly.

Tucson Arizona modeling senior photos

Tucson Arizona modeling portrait photographer



Blogger MMG said...

Wow! These rock, Shawn!! Fantastic locations and lighting. Great variety!!

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