Sunday, March 02, 2008

Our Son at the San Diego Zoo

We do so many "business" photo shoots that from time to time we forget to take photos of our own child. This morning we went to the San Diego Zoo for a couple of hours (love having that yearly pass). While in the petting zoo I got some great photos of the Little Man (he's starting to look like a man, darnit!)

For you photo buffs, these were shot with a Canon 30D, and the 28-135 IS lens. Camera in Manual mode, 580EX flash in ETTL mode, FEC set to -1 or -2/3. He's either in full shade, or has the sun at his back in all of these.

San Diego childrens photo pictures at the San Diego Zoo.



Blogger Jim, "Homer" said...

That is such a great age. Just watching them explore - Man I miss that.

Very nice shots, great use of the flash.

5:53 AM  

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