Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter at the Beach?

Winter is always our slowest time of the year, mainly because people just don't think about doing beach photos in the Winter. Everyone wants to do them in the Summer because that's when you go to the beach - when it's warmer outside.

However, if you are familiar with the weather patterns in San Diego, you'll know that from about March - November we have two types of weather at the beach: 1. Clear blue skies and 2. Completely overcast skies.

Clear blue skies are pretty, and actually overcast skies are the best for photography believe it or not.....but the Winter months are the only time when we actually get any weather, and therefore beautiful clouds and amazing sunsets here in San Diego.

95% of the beach sessions that we do from March - November end up with pretty boring sunsets, if any at all (overcast). But from December - February, we have many amazing, colorful sunsets.

It's a little chilly some times, but if you can stand wind chill factors of say 58 degrees, then it's well worth your while.



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