Friday, October 26, 2007

San Diego Heroes

Well, it looks as though we have officially survived "Firestorm 2007" as they're calling it. The massive Witch Fire stayed about 15 miles to our North, while the Harris Fire stayed 15-20 miles to our South. We've been home glued to the television and internet all week, to see if either of them would head our direction.

Today was the first time all week that I left the house for any length of time. Not being out there photographing what was going on was killing me. So today I headed over to Gillespe Field to get photographs of some of the Firemen and the fire fighting helicopters at the airport.

Then I wandered up North and ended up in Escondido, and stumbled upon the Firemen who are stationed at San Pasqual High School. Both locations were practically like little cities for the Firemen, it was amazing what was set up in such a short time.

Rather than photographing all of the damage, I decided to celebrate the heroes who helped save our beautiful city from burning to the ground. I'm sure that I will get out later and take photos of some of the fire damage. But for now, it's all about thanking the men and women who came from near and far to work so hard to help us.

Thank you!!!



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