Thursday, September 20, 2007

The USS Peleliu Comes Home

Today the USS Peleliu came home to San Diego, after a four month deployment on a humanitarian operation. I had the opportunity to photograph her coming into port. Here are several of my favorites.



Anonymous Tom said...

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...My son came home from his second deployment on the USS Peleliu last Thursday. I was not able to attend and meet the ship. After being there for his first return in 2006, I missed the excitment and joy that surrounds the homecoming of a ship after a deployment. I was really upset I would not see any photographs of the USS Peleliu as it entered the dock. You saved me. Obviously your photographs are very superior to any picture I took last year. Thank you for bringing home the USS Peleliu in such stunning images. Thanks for making my experience real. My young man is here at home in Pennsylvania for ten days. It is great to have him home and great to find your wonderful photographs. Thank you.

6:00 PM  

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