Wednesday, July 18, 2007

High School Senior Portraits at Crystal Pier 07.17.07

This evening I had the pleasure of photographing Samantha, a High School Senior from Nebraska. Our session was at the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach.

Samantha brought a variety of outfits, and we shot for a good two hours, going well after sun down. The beach was overcast tonight, good for even lighting but no colorful sunset.

We did get a great variety of shots around the pier and a few over on the lifeguard tower as well.

And finally a closeup. Moms always love a closeup. ;)



Blogger In-Focus said...

Must be great to have such a wonderful location close by...I love shooting on beaches, but living in TN makes that rather difficult!

These are great shots, and I am sure the client (both kid and mom) absolutely love them.

11:16 AM  

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