Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sisters - shoot at the Hotel Del Coronado 06.01.07

This evening I had the pleasure of meeting Megan and Heather. They are Sisters and we did a photo shoot of the two of them at the Hotel Del Coronado.

We started out in the inner courtyard of the hotel, one of my favorite places. The hotel was nice enough to have a bunch of tables and chairs set up, so we had to work around those. Here's a serious shot of Heather:

Lucky for me, it was an overcast evening (woo hoo, great for ligthing). If I only had a dollar for every bright sunny day that I had to photograph at the beach - UGH! Here's a serious shot of Megan:

We then moved out to the beach for some photos by the lifeguard tower and finally at the concrete wall. Last photo of the day here:



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