Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jets over Gillespe

Quite a different assignment today. We were hired by John and his Son Steve, who were brave enough to go up in a pair of L39 jets this morning. Man, did this look like fun!

It was a perfect day for flying, clear and not a cloud in the sky. We got some great photos of John, Steve the pilots and their jets before, during and after the flight.

Unfortunately there was only room for two in each plane, but based on my weak stomach for air sickness, it was probably best for everyone that my two feet stayed on the ground. ;) Luckily John and Steve had stomachs of iron, and both of them popped out of their planes as giddy as children after their flight.

It was a pleasure meeting both of you, I hope that your photographs will help preserve this very special day in your memories for ever!


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